Creating the ultimate Bitcoin market

We are currently heading two projects, our first service, amoreify designs is now up and running, take a peek!
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Making bitcoin Spendable

There are not that many online market places out there that accept bitcoin, Amoreify will be the largest market place for online retailing in bitcoin.

Sell your time for bitcoin

These days, time is often purchased in fiat currency that does almost nothing for your pocket, imagine if you worked for bitcoin in 2012?

Trust That Counts

All Sellers & Buyers on our service will be subject to KYC (Know your customer) checks and a strong feedback system in which ensures the security of all parties.

Internal Wallets

We will be introducing an internal wallet system in which is very competitive on transactional fees, keeping more satoshis in your wallet, every little helps!

Purchase Bitcoin

Fastest way: Go to Local Bitcoins and find a reputable bitcoin supplier & Get a wallet.

Check Reviews of supplier Before Purchasing check the suppliers reviews to ensure that they are not fraudulent.

Check Release times after payment. (Release times = how fast supplier can get bitcoin to you).

Avoid Fraud. Follow website instructions to setup 2 factor authentication security. Bank Transfers are the most secure form of trade.

Spread the word. Let your seller know about, it may be beneficial information for them! 🙂

Find the product you are looking for.

If it is not listed, inform us of your product and we will see if we can make a manual purchase.

You will have a 10 minute window to purchase.
scan the QR code or manually enter the wallet adress below.
We will then have your product shipped out to you.
That simple!

Easier Than Paypal

No Card details Required, it is as simple as scanning a QR code with your wallet, You scan, we send, that simple.

More Secure

With the power of two factor authentication, transacting has never been so secure, ensure that you have set this up.

Privacy protection

For those who believe in financial privacy, Bitcoin is for you, in a world where data is brought and sold, it pays to deal with a company that will never sell on your personal data.


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